Whether or not your farm is covered by the Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule, implementing food safety practices on your farm is good for business. If you allow customers to harvest their own fruit, you also need to make them aware of your food safety policies so they can keep themselves and others safe. In this webinar, Dr. Fisk will describe food safety risks on pick-your-own farms and suggest some rules you may want to include in your visitor policy to minimize those risks.

Connie Fisk

Connie Fisk is the Northwest Regional Extension Associate for the Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) where she trains and mentors PSA Trainers and teaches produce growers the food safety concepts they need to comply with buyer requirements and government regulations. Before joining PSA in 2017, her research and extension work was focused on fruit production, primarily hardy kiwifruit, muscadine grapes, and peaches.

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